What is a Sleepover?

On the busier nights, instead of having a separate suite, we do what we call Sleepovers. We sleep in the bed with all the small dogs and the larger dogs have their beds in the adjoining area. We snuggle with your dog all night long. Sleepovers are every Saturday and all the major holidays. For example, during Christmas we have Sleepovers every night for a week.

What Do I Bring When My Dog Is Boarding in a Suite?

We have bowls, beds and bedding. We do encourage you to bring a blanket of their own. You can even bring their own bed, if that is what makes them feel comfortable. Having something that smells like home makes them feel as if they have their own special spot at night. We are kennel free. Nevertheless, if your dog is used to sleeping in their kennel, you are welcome to bring it.

We also ask you bring their own food. It does not have to be individually bagged. We can measure it out for you. If they have a finicky appetite, we offer free parmesan cheese sprinkles. You can bring their toys and treats. Although, for safety reasons, we ask that you do not provide rawhides, real bones, rope toys or any other toys that they can chew up and choke on. You can also bring a Kong and a jar of peanut butter. We will stuff the Kong with peanut butter each night for your dog.