Doggyland Daycare and Boarding

Free Trial Day

How Does Trial Day Work?

At Doggyland we have FIVE different play yards based on your dog’s size and play style. Each yard has a dog door that goes outside to a separate play yard. This means your dog has access to outside ALL DAY long. Having the freedom to go outside anytime puts your dog’s mind at ease.

No Appointment

There is no appointment needed for a socialization. Just keep in mind we are closed for nap time from 12:30PM to 2:30PM Daily. We suggest you leave your dog at least 3 hours and that you don’t bring your dog right before nap time. Please drop off early or mid-morning. If you are doing a trial in the afternoon, please don’t bring your dog after 4:30, as they need at least 3 hours.

Socialization Day

The first day is a trial day where your dog goes through a socialization test . Once your pet has passed our guidelines, we decide what play yard would be suitable based on your dog’s size and play style. The introduction process goes slowly so your dog feels comfortable with each dog. We give them plenty of encouragement during this process. Again, slow is the key. One dog at a time until they are integrated into the entire pack playing in that yard.

Proof of Vaccinations

Please bring a copy of the following vaccinations:

Fecal Test Required

A yearly fecal test is a requirement at most daycares. This can be done by dropping off a sample at your veterinarian’s office. Let them know that your daycare requires testing for Giardia. Giardia is highly contagious and can be spread in the daycare simply by sharing the same water buckets, sharing toys, or eating feces. Giardia comes from a parasite. It is quite common for pet parents to not realize their dog has anything. Giardia and can come from other daycares, dog parks, rivers, etc. If your dog is showing the symptoms, we may require additional testing during the year.

Spay or Neuter

All dogs MUST be spayed or neutered after 7 months. If your vet suggests you wait for at least a year, we respect their recommendation. We will only ask that you wait the remaining 5 months before returning. Male dogs can develop mounting behaviors. Many times this behavior can not be undone. This creates a lot of stress on the other dogs. Females dogs of course can go into heat during their stay, and can also create a lot of unwanted attention from the male dogs.