August 10, 2015

"They always take such great care of my baby! I love that I am able to check up on how she is doing online while I am out of town; makes me miss her like crazy but I love to know that she is having fun and is ok"
August 5, 2015

"This is the best place ever....my dog comes home exhausted and in the morning she beats me out the door to go! Thank you each and everyone of the employees for taking such good care of my baby!"
August 1, 2015

"I never really bought into the whole doggy daycare thing but our German Shepard, River, loves going and it is helping socialize her to other dogs and people. She is much better behaved at home when she has been to doggyland. Thanks to the amazing staff that take such good care of her!!"
July 12, 2015

"Charlie loves Doggyland!! We switched to Doggyland from another daycare in Spokane and it was the best decision ever! Charlie used to shake and be scared when I dropped him at the other daycare but he doesn't do any of that at Doggyland. He loves being able to go outside and has made lots of new friends. The staff has been nothing but helpful and incredibly friendly. We love Doggyland!"
June 18, 2015

"Looks like all the residents are happy and energy is the name of the game! No fighting? Amazing!"