May 29, 2016

"Our dogs Lucy and Piper had a great time. They had so much fun that they slept quite a bit today. Seems to be a place where dogs get to do their favorite activities and get good care also."
March 24, 2016

"I love taking my dog Mia here!! She seems to have so much fun playing all day and when she comes home she sleeps for hours so it's worth taking her here"
March 23, 2016

"Doggyland does an excellent job caring for our German Shepard. Unlike other boarders, doggyland is extremely in touch with our pets personality. Montag definitely loves doggyland and I would recommend doggyland for all pets big and small."
February 20, 2016

"My son works here. He LOVES his job, all the doggies, and thinks his co-workers are the best. Such happy puppies! The best medicine a person can take when working with animals."
January 17, 2016

"My two puppies receive excellent car at Doggyland Day Care. I was so impressed that they have a 2 hour nap time and it was interesting to learn that they set up this nap time just as all we pet parents do; we lie down and they do too! My dogs just love it there! They go crazy the minute we pull up outside. As an extra treat, I can have them groomed during their stay...and speaking of treats, they even have a 'Paw Hour' or something like that - they all get treats. The best part is that when I bring them home it's a relief to see that they are 'played out'. This is my treat! I would and do recommend Doggyland Day Care for all your pet needs...and they do need their 'tribe' time... they are pack animals and its kind to them and good parenting to gift them with a day here and there to rejoin their primal pack....and when you hear the 'call of the wild' you'll be grateful that this is their 'place to bark' and not have to be quite all the time."