Grooming and Training

three dogs freshly groomedAt Doggyland Daycare & Boarding, we know you want your pets to look and feel their best. We do too! That’s why we offer full-service grooming, delivered by friendly, reliable, professionally trained staff. Plus, your dog will never wait in a kennel before or after a groom. You can choose from 90 minutes of free play in the daycare or free roam time with us in the groom room.

With superior services at affordable rates, we are your go-to source for dog grooming in Spokane Valley, WA. Our grooming and training services include:

  • Trimming and cuts: Our experienced groomers will trim and shape your pet’s coat to keep your friend healthy and happy. Whether your dog needs a seasonal shaving or you simply want to cut down on the shedding, Doggyland Daycare & Boarding is happy to help.
  • Nail trimming: Caring for your pet’s nails keeps their paws trimmed and healthy. It also protects your floors, furniture and family. But, we know many pet owners don’t enjoy this chore. We are happy to complete their paw trim for just $15.
  • Ear treatment: A pet’s ears are often the toughest part to keep clean—even for cats. Their paws simply can’t handle a q-tip to get the job done right! Our professional groomers offer detailed ear treatment to keep your pet’s hearing and health at the top of their game.
  • Bath and dry: Does your best friend need a bath? Sometimes, they don’t need a full groom, but a quick bathing will refresh and renew their coat and spirits. Bring your pet in for a bath and dry.

At Doggyland, we have certified dog trainers who are experienced and come highly recommended
We offer Classes as well as individual training
We use only positive reinforcement training methods

Northern Tails Dog Training

Lisa Lucas offers Several Classes at Doggyland on Sundays and Wednesdays





Approved by Dogs

Annette Shannon offers In Daycare Training. You can drop your dog off for daycare and she will pull your dog out for a session of training during the day. Annette also offers individual one on one training.





At Doggyland Daycare & Boarding, we consider ourselves more than just a dog grooming service in Spokane Valley, WA. With comprehensive boarding, grooming and training services, we are your pet partner, committed to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s next grooming or training. Reach our experts at 509-924-5263.