Do You Have An Outdoor Area?

Yes, our dog’s have the freedom to go outside anytime they please. Each play yard has a doggie door with access to the outside. We don’t use grass because sterilization is very important to us and can’t be done on grass. It also is a danger to use Astroturf as it’s a breading ground for bacteria on the underside. There is no way for it to air out on the underside. At Doggyland we use small pebble rocks that we routinely rake and sterilize. A clean and safe environment is our top priority.

How Do You Get the Dogs to Nap?

dogs sleeping during nap timeMost of the dogs are so exhausted from playing they are happy to nap. We have a large office in the middle of the play area that has blankets and beds for the dogs to access whenever they are ready to rest. During nap time we turn off the lights, sit at our desk, very still I may add, and play classical music. A majority of the dogs will lay down and nap the entire time. Some do not feel like napping the whole time and are free to go play if they please. No dog is forced to nap in a kennel crying or chained to a wall. Nap time is a special time at Doggyland, many are quite content cuddling as a pack with each other, on top of each other, snoring away.

How Do You Keep The Dogs From Fighting?

At Doggyland prevention is the key. We are very careful during trial day and watch for any signs of aggression. All dogs must pass a strict social test. We have zero tolerance for aggression. We are very selective of the dogs we take. The dogs boarding must also pass a trial day, as they play with the day care dogs during their stay. Doggyland is supposed to be a happy land. If we see your dog isn’t having a good time, after repeated visits, we will let you know.

What Do I Bring When My Dog Is Boarding?

We have bowls, beds and bedding. We do encourage you to bring a blanket of their own though. Even their own bed, if that is what makes them feel comfortable. Having something that smells like home makes them feel as if they have their own special spot at night. We are kennel free, but if your dog is used to sleeping in their kennel, you are welcome to bring that also.

We also ask you bring their own food. It does not have to be individually bagged, we can measure it out for you. If they have a finicky appetite, we offer free parmesan cheese sprinkles if needed. You can bring their toys and treats, but safety reasons, we ask that you do not provide rawhides, real bones or rope toys or any other toys that they can chew up and choke on. You can also bring a kong and a jar of peanut butter. We will stuff the kong with peanut butter each night for your dog.